Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our creator is and is all we need desire...I've learned in this existence that all is not as it seems. Oddly as I've pursued truth the study of both east and west perspectives from the halls of academia to deeper research with in the ancient practices and meditations Mentally, physically, emotionally through the spiral stairs of time... soul ascending and looking for that truth; Love in the wrong places and in the wrong faces walking through the gates that I wanted to pass. Having little then having more than enough. Choosing the wisdom that fit my desires and raised me up. Drawn by felt self, determined will, convinced I was spiritually alive and self reliant.

I have come to know all self pursuit to be vain and with out deep abiding Peace that remains. We live in this accelerated time sequence that seems to be pulled from a string ready to hit the peak and go blasting into exhilarating downward spiral into ancient past like a magikal park ride that we have never ridding before.

Yet we must live on in this sequence with purpose or do we take the road of denial, escape into an existential celebration of games and entertainment delving into the vision we are told to trip in the light fantastic..1984, total recall, matrix. so much meaningless fantasy desensitising us for the yellow brick road into a slaughter house just before an uncertain end of eternity all depending if that we allowed into the universe we have been led to believe that we can choose as if all this just happened without a will or thw we willed it from cosmic microdust..

Do we pursue truth in the new age that is old as Babylon or time itself. To any observer this rebellious and decadent culture is written of in history of every fallen kingdom that followed its philosophy till the cities are sacked around and emplode as the villians and snakes pretend to represent by giving their constituents lip service while getting barrel service from their puppet masters. Oh, that thier noses would grow longer.

Do we work, work work by the sweat of our brow, pay penance to the mighty temples of religion and or corporation, because they care so much and we were told that is the way. Now is the time the place no other time has there been an opportunity to get grasp, claw, steal, take what we deserve after all, because Darwin who recanted his own work like Marx and Luther...they new the way. History as we know it is tainted with the blood of the innocent and written by those who won the

We do not make very good powers (god) as we are now and the god of this world now is not helping it go where I want to follow, There had to be a wrong order. Sure enough there is a King that is soveriegn over all yet because power he gave us we traded for knowledge for power we actually lost the power legally. But the soveriegn actually Bought it back and is now in the proccess of teaching us how to get it back,

There is only 1 who is peace, satisfaction, tranquility, love and all we need and truly desire/
When we allow meek, humble, in awe, and thankful we come into alignment as if on a track of ordering like planets on their rotation, earth on its axis and sun and moon on their ordered patterns. We being and are brought into that order as was the purpose at the 1st.
there is only one so I pursue that truth. Thank you for being human/allfour1 1fourall AD BC            @HIZenrgy

Friday, May 11, 2012

As Spoken

The Glory of the Eternal Kingdoms realm is meeting the need of the knowledge of Shalom King and His Kingdom in the hearts and souls of men. The fullness of time is being revealed in the signs spoken into Existence. This Realm controlled by the Second Realm by the Archon Dragons due to the Usurpers guile but only for 6 days a moment in the spines of Eternity's Domain. Today is 5999 and awaiting the ReCreation and ReSeating of the Dahm of MarYah, YahDahm Security Paid in Full by the great Melech Shalom (King of Peace) y'shua Eternal Salvation our Victor.